About Me

I work in cyber threat intelligence where I help organisations to better understand the threat landscape. I am passionate about building a dialogue between technical and non-technical communities, as well as improving career pathways into cyber security. I am also on the leadership team of the non-profit information security blog SecJuice.

I have recently completed a Cyber Security DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford. I remain active with the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs as a Research Affiliate.

My doctoral thesis examined the diffuse and decentralised nature of cyber security provision. With a variety of both public and private actors providing cyber security in various contexts, my research seeks to understand what these networks (or assemblages) of security actors look like: who are the relevant players, what are their incentive structures, where does power lie, and what does this all mean for the how private actors have emerged as vital providers of security? I have also conducted research on a variety of cyber security issues including e-government, encryption, critical infrastructure and the changing role of signals intelligence agencies.

In 2017, I was based at MIT as a Cyber Security Fulbright Scholar. I also have previous work experience with PwC India, the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, and Oxford Analytica (not to be confused with Cambridge Analytica).